Material and non-material promotion of art and young artists.

Zweck der im Jahr 2009 als gemeinnützig anerkannten Stiftung ist die Förderung von Kunst und Kultur. Dabei soll die Erhaltung des Werkes von Hans Purrmann (1880-1966) und die Verbreitung der Kenntnis dieses Werkes in der Öffentlichkeit im Vordergrund stehen.

The purpose of the Foundation is to be achieved in particular through the following measures:

  • Supporting academic research on the work of Hans Purrmann (scholarships, publication of dissertations and post-doctoral theses).
  • Cooperation with the Hans Purrmann Archive
  • Supporting museums that are engaged in activities in the spirit of the Foundation’s purpose
  • Assistance in the organisation and implementation of the Grand Hans Purrmann Award of the City of Speyer as well as the Hans Purrmann Award of the City of Speyer for Fine Arts (sponsorship award), bearing the costs of the awards in addition to a publication for each Hans Purrmann Award winner
  • Initiation and commissioning of publications on Hans Purrmann’s life and work
  • Collaboration with museums on exhibitions in Germany and abroad
  • Organisation and hosting of academic lectures and colloquia
  • Acquisition of works of art by Hans Purrmann or related to Hans Purrmann